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Month: April, 2011

Tell Us What You Think…


Tell Us What You Think…


Carley Eissman

This is, by far, the hardest post we’ve had to write. Today, we are dealing with the loss of a fellow Saddleback student, and a dear friend of some of the Social[Live] staff, Carley Eissman. Carley always had a smile when she showed up to campus events, and it was always a joy to see her. She as an active member in students clubs, and it was apparent that she really cared about this campus and the people on it. She was a beautiful young woman, and she will be missed dearly. The Eissman family, you are in our thoughts.

We’re writing about us writing about us writing about us…

We’re so meta.

Blog Inception!


We’re writing about us writing about us writing about us…

A Little Snippit of the Dog Fair

A Little Snippit of the Dog Fair

Is This The End?

Is this the end? Is the end really near? As the school year ends I am super excited with how this year has gone and look forward for more years to come. But don’t be fooled by this bleak apocalyptic post, we still have a few more events to end the year on!

  • International Students Open House-Today from 2p-4p @ SSC 107
  • Poetry Club’s Stop Animal Cruelty Now BBQ- 4/27 11a @ The Quad
  • Spring Jewelry Sale- 4/27 10a-7p @ SSC 212
  • A Talk With Rainn Wilson (Yes, Dwight from the office will be here!)– 5/6 6pm @ SM 313
  • Scholarship Ceremony- 5/12 3p @ The Gym
  • Commencement- 5/20 9a @ The Gym

Plus there are so much more! To check it out go to Saddleback’s Announcement page:


Check out what the OC Register had to say about Saddleback’s Dog Fair!

Check out what the OC Register had to say about Saddleback’s Dog Fair!

A little bit of Hands Across California