by scstudentdevelopment

Crazy Rave or Giant Candyland?

“Where is the giant backgammon game?”

That’s what I heard when I was walking by the giant chess games.  Why would someone want a giant backgammon game? Who plays backgammon in college. I feel like, if the chess boards were closer to the Emeritus institute, I could understand overhearing it, but in the middle of the quad, where people are singing and playing guitar, and Frisbee and there is a vegetarian barbecue going on? – Strange.

It made me think, what other giant games could we get? Maybe a giant thing of Pacman. We could build a giant maze and people would just run around and try and find each other. Good idea or best idea?

Maybe a giant Chutes and Ladders game spanning the length of the campus, taking kids from The Bowl to the the Village, and all the roofs in between?

Mega Dungeons and Dragons, perhaps? That would be easy since the entire game is in people’s imaginations. It would really cut down on cost.

My personal favorite is the Giant Beer Pong. Gallon jugs and a tennis ball, anyone (with soda of course)?