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Month: December, 2012

New Look for our Posting Board

Part of our plan for the new year is to work on our promotional material so we are starting early with this new look!

The posting boards in the Gaucho Lounge had a makeover today. They are now going to be organized with time-relevant student information. They have been arranged to show upcoming events, ASG information, and other college/general information.

This is the full view of the new look.

full board

The upcoming events board:


The ASG board (for ASG, ECab, ICC, Senate)


And other general or college information:

other board

Finally, remember to read through the Gaucho Lounge Etiquette so you can be respectful and help others to do the same!

gaucho rules

Wishing you all a great Winter Break. See you in January!


New Furniture

The furniture has arrived and been setup! Now, the plan…

Audra and Erin will be working out of the back office in a space that is now setup for two. The front office has a central desk space where two of our staff, Natalie and Kelly, will work out of. The third desk in the front will be available for clubs. In the spring we will be launching more online aides for clubs so we wanted to create a space for them to come and learn about the new programs and have access to the information easily.

Front office:

front office front room

Back office:

audra and erinback

Furniture is setup!

The furniture is all setup and looking GREAT! I’ll post pictures tomorrow and explain a little bit of the vision for the space.

The furniture is here! The furniture is here!

The boxes have been delivered and they are being assembled right now! We are so excited to see what it all looks like. So far we have lots of boxes and a preview of the desk via one file cabinet that has been setup.




New office furniture comes today!

We will have pictures of the new setup after it’s installed today. Though we won’t be moving back until after the break, we are so excited to see our space be transformed and setup in ways that are more useful and helpful to students and clubs!

Fresh paint for SDO and new furniture for ASG

The Student Development Office has been cleared out of furniture, which was installed in the ASG office. Their office is a bit more cohesive and professional looking. All that is left is to hook up the phones and computers then they are all set to move back in after the break!


The Student Development office is shining white with freshly painted walls. We have a blank canvas to work with when we move back in.




Office Move

Our office is currently under construction as we excitedly await the arrival of new furniture. We are temporarily working out of SSC 211c (in the game room). We look forward to a new space that will not only give the staff more space but will also have a space for clubs.

Check out the photos of the process:

Day three: our office is cleared out and the ASG office is completed! Thank you Facilities, Maintenance & Operations crew!

day 3 2 day three

Day two: Our furniture moved out of our space and into ASG office

empty office empty office2

Day one: Our temporary office 211C

office pics


Cause Hope Snapshot

Cause Hope event was today in the Quad. We happily welcomed 10 businesses who committed to selling with a cause! See some pictures below:

Amor Ministry

Bonita Edwards Couture Handknit Designs

Free Wheelchair Mission

Blenders Eyewear

Krochet Kids International



LiNK: Liberty in North Korea

Organo Gold instant coffee

Thank you to everyone who came out to support these companies and the causes they are giving to. We look forward to more events to create awareness and continue to impact the community with a spirit of giving.

Gaucho Hour

rod gaucho hour


gaucho hour

Gaucho Hour all this week from 10:30-11:30a on the patio (Monday and Tuesday) on the Quad Wednesday and Thursday, featuring free hot chocolate, pastries and some school supplies. Be sure to stop by!

We wish you all success in your last two weeks of school!

-Student Development Office