An Interview with Jamie Tworkowski-TWLOHA Founder

by scstudentdevelopment

This is an amazing interview with Jamie Tworkowski TWLOHA’s founder. I found it off of his own Twitter (jamietworkowski), where he said:

“This might be the most personal interview i’ve done. Definitely one of my favorites.

If you want to know more about TWLOHA (To Write Love On Her Arms) you definitely need to check this out.

Just a little tidbit from the interview:


I believe in love.
The world would be better if we truly lived as if every person on the planet matters equally.
Someday I am going to get married.
I’m not very good at letting go.
I love my parents and my sisters and my friends.
When I need a break I go surfing.
I am most happy when I’m living a story that I believe in.
It bothers me when I hurt people.
I never thought I would get to walk through so many surprising doors and get to know so many incredible people.
My motto: I don’t have a motto but I would really like to meet Bono.